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Tree species catalogue

There are many different species of Christmas tree. Each species has its own unique characteristics. When choosing your ideal tree, there could be many factors you wish to consider. A few of these might include: the length of time you intend to display the tree, how much you wish to spend, as wells as shape, colour and fragrance.

The Nordman Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

The Nordman Fir is the most commonly available of the Christmas tree firs. They are more difficult to grow than the Norway Spruce and originate from Russian stock. These trees are favoured for the attractive foliage and soft needles that do not drop readily as the tree dries out.

Danish producers have introduced a seed stock which is also a popular choice for many British growers. The trees will range in quality to suit a variety of price brackets, although top quality trees will always continue to command a premium price due to the additional effort required to grow them.

The Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

The Norway Spruce is considered the traditional Christmas tree. Increasingly these trees are now shaped to meet the demand for a fuller and more uniform tree. The needle retention of the Spruce family of trees is less favorable than that of the Firs.

A good quality seed stock grown in a wetter climate produces a better quality traditional tree. At home a customer can prolong needle retention and slow the drying out process by keeping the base of the tree moist and the tree away from heat sources.

Noble Fir (Abies noblilis)

The Noble Fir is regarded as the foremost Christmas tree in its perfect form. Commonly known as the ‘King of Trees’, it is considered by growers to be the most difficult tree to produce. Because of the extra effort and attention involved, the Noble Fir is more expensive than the Nordman – but a perfect Noble Fir will rule your living room!

These trees have a more uniform shape than the Nordman Fir. With well defined layers produced as the tree has grown, the Noble Fir is a very distinctive tree. These trees have excellent needle retention and bring a pleasant fragrance into the home for the festive season.

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri)

This species has been brought in to Europe from North America. The Fraser Fir is similar to the Nordman Fir, but lighter in foliage and more easily shaped during growing, with excellent needle retention qualities. This tree is ideal for a narrower space.